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Decluttering the House

For the new year, I’ve been on a mission to declutter the house and found an old hard drive from 1995 in box of old computer parts. Curious to see if it contained anything fun from the ’90s, I plugged the hard drive in a IDE enclosure and gave it a go.

Unfortunately, the hard drive started making cranking noises and failed to install. Since the drive is failing, I figure I’d open it up and see how it works before tossing it in the trash.


After opening the drive. the hard drive installed correctly and the data was accessible.


I was hoping to find old AOL emails and pictures from my teenage years, but alas, the drive was wiped.

Oh well. At least I got it to work 🙂

Lanyard.fm – My Concert Photo Journal

One of the perks of working for Live Nation/Ticketmaster is opportunity to attend a lot of concerts. I did quite a bit of “field research” and used Lanyard.fm to “create a visually stunning online journal of my live music memories.”

Check it out: https://lanyard.fm/AK-Nation

lanyard.fm: Online Journal of my Live Music Memories

Also, some concert videos on vid.me

Resources for Learning Japanese & Living in Tokyo

1) First: Learn Hiragana & Katakana


2) Kanji Damage: Personal Favorite for learning Kanji

3) Tae Kim’s Guide to Learning Japanese

4) Japanese Pod 101: Listened to Podcasts during my commute

5) Textbooks from the Situational Functional Japanese Series:

Other Resources

Useful Websites

  • Timeout Tokyo – Tokyo’s best restaurants, films, gigs, clubs, things to do and places to see – Written by local experts.